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Re: Concrete Slab Cracking

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If this is a slab on grade, the cracks are probably due to shrinkage.  This 
is assuming that it is not a structural slab.

There are a meriad of things that can happen to slabs on grade.  Insufficient 
curing, water added at the job site in excess of that allowed, hot drying 
winds, slab poured over membrane instead on sand, slab poured too thin, 
insufficient strength (or a mistake in the batching), crack control joints 
too far apart, high shrinkage aggregate, the list could go on almost without 

I was asked to report on a similar situation about 20 years ago, and if there 
were 100 things that they could have done wrong, they did 125.

Lood up the ACI standards for slab on grade construction, and that documents 
will tell you what must be done to construct good slabs on grade.

Good Luck,

Dave Messinger, SE
Lafayette, California