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Band width is being waisted with too much with an issue that could be
"The influence of predjuice in the people´s perception of people". And that
is matter for sociologists, psycologists or may be journalists.

Anyway I agree completly with the position of Roger Turk.

Rodrigo Delgado Zirpel

> De: ASQUILALA(--nospam--at)
> A: seaint(--nospam--at)
> Asunto: Re: Engineers LOW PROFILE
> Fecha: Lunes 5 de Julio de 1999 10:19 PM
> Roger,
> You know that I'm not after the titles of royalty.  You are so unfair to 
> excerpt some portion of my letter without responding to its whole
> Then you try to cite a very extreme example.  
> Let's face it.  People are judgmental.  As the saying goes, first
> is lasting.  If you introduce me to your judge friend and I happen not to

> like his physical appearance how would I know that he is intellectual? 
> if you tell me that he is Judge Jack right there and then I will have an
> who he is.  I will know that this man in front of has work hard to
becoming a 
> judge. If you are intelligent, you know what I mean.  
> Next time if you cite an example try to compare apples to apples.  An 
> ordinary engineer I suppose earn more money than an ordinary junkmen. 
> this is not the gist of discussion anyway.  What engineers are
complaining is 
> there no recognition of our profession.  And I suggested that we start by

> addressing ourselves Engineers. Somebody suggested that we should not use

> title but let's educate the public instead.  But calling ourselves
> is the first step to educating the people. If they are aware that there
> Engineer among them then they start asking what do engineers do.  
> From my personal experience,  I have been a member of group for about 3 
> years.  On my first year, nobody know that I am an engineer. I have been 
> writing P.E. at the end of my name but nobody knew what P.E. means.  When

> someone, whom I used to know back home , joined our group, he started
> me Engineer and everybody in the group  started to ask me what work I do
> an engineer.  That when I started educating them the work that I do.
> Another experience I have is that, before I got my P.E. license,  I was
> paid much even though I doing the work of an engineer.  But when I passed
> P.E. exam, I got 75% pay increase.  So it pays to be recognized.
> Engr. Alfonso S. Quilala Jr.
> (Instead of Alfonso S. Quilala Jr., P.E.)