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Re: Bad news Structural Engineer ??

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Dear Mr. Baltar:
i think you may be confusing Michael Brady (the Brady Bunch television show),
Architect, with Brian Keith's role in Family Affair--the bachelor uncle,
engineer-brigde designer, who was ably assisted by Sebastian Cabot, factotum and
gentleman's gentleman, in the care of Brian Keith's orphaned nieces and nephew.

and btw, i believe John Forsyth in Bachelor Father (co-starring Sammy Tong) was
ALSO some sort of engineer.....

audra kunf, CEM

Baltar, Joseph P SPK wrote:

> No way.............he was an Architect (probably unlicensed), and a bad one
> at that - worked out of his study w/a t-square.  With all those kids, a stay
> at home wife and a pathetic maid harrassing him he never got any work done.
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> Subject: RE: Bad news Structural Engineer ??
> >>Name an actor, or movie featuring an engineer in a lead role.<<
> Family Affair
> Brian Keith's character was a civil engineer working on bridges all around
> the world.  I think that makes him a structural engineer.
> Dave
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> Subject: Bad news Structural Engineer ??
> Attention Fellow Structural Engineers  and others:
> Over the past ten years as publicist for SEAOI  I have monitored the
> visibilty woes of engineers.  I have noted the lack of  engineering
> characters in feature motion pictures.
> Name an actor, or movie featuring an engineer in a lead role.
> Seldom if ever are engineers cast as central characters.
> Next week  (Friday,  July 9th) a new movie, "ARLINGTON ROAD" opens.
> The key character portrayed by Tim Robbins (Shawkshank Redemption,
> Hudsucker
> Proxy, Bull Durham)  identifies himself as a STRUCTURAL ENGINEER.
> Is HE???  We'll have to wait and see.
> This suspense drama features terrorist's acts of buildings being blown up.
> Is the structural engineer doing it???
> Bob  Johnson,  SE
> PR Chair SEAOI
> Public Advocacy Committee  NCSEA
> 203   North   Wabash
> Chicago,  IL   60601
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