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That loading configuration is correct for Cooper E-80 loading as per the 1997
edition of AREA, Chapter 15, Part 1.3.3.  I don't know if this applies to you or
not but please note that an alternate live load configuration was added which
has 4 x 100 kip axle loads with a spacing of 5', 6', 5'.


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I have something that shows the Cooper E-80 live loading for each track.
Use this information at your own risk, since I may make a typo.  My
information shows the following loads, in order from beginning to end:
40K, 4 @ 80K, 4 @ 52K, 40K, 4 @ 80K, 4 @ 52K, and then a line load of 8
KLF.  The distances between the loads are shown as follows:  8', 3 @ 5',
9', 5', 6', 5',2 @ 8', 3 @ 5', 9', 5', 6', 2 @ 5', and then the line
load is continuous as long as required.  Again, this live load is for
each track.  You may want to get a hard copy and verify these loads and
distances from somebody else prior to using them.  I wouldn't want to
rely only on something I read via an e-mail for design criteria.

Michael Ritter, PE

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> Does any one know how is the load distribution (loads and distances)
> for
> train Cooper E-80.
> Thanks in advance.
> Arturo Rios