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RE: Long-length high-strength steel rods with splices

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I suggest that you call Cleveland City Forge (216/526-1600). They are one 
manufacturer of rods with upset ends and can help you select materials and 
dimensioning appropriately. Upset ends are generally formed, not welded 
together out of large and small diameter rods, though. The person with whom 
I have talked there is Bud Parka.


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Subject:	Long-length high-strength steel rods with splices

I have a design for which I'd like to specify ASTM A449 round plain rods 
upset threaded ends.  The total length of each rod assembly is about 35 

The rods are expected to yield in a strong seismic event, and I want the
yielding to occur in the un-threaded portion with the expectation that the
ductility is better there because the yielding may be distributed over most 
of the length of the rod rather than being confined to the limited lengths 
the threaded portions.  Also, it seems that yielding of steel in the 
portions is likely to be more brittle because yielding can only occur at 
zone of minimum cross sectional area at the base of the threads.

I am visualizing the welding of larger diameter threaded ends to lengths of 
smaller diameter plain rod.  The footnote to AISC Table 1-C states that 
steel, which is quenched and tempered carbon steel, should not be welded, 
suggests using an appropriate steel (such as AISI C1040 or C4140), quenched 
and tempered after fabrication.

Is quenching and tempering of fabricated assemblies as long as 35 ft

Are there fabricators in the Southern California region who do it and with
whom I can discuss materials and workmanship items as I prepare my

Nels Roselund
Structural Engineer