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Fw: sustainable design

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From: Bruce D Pooley <bdpooley(--nospam--at)>
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Date: Tuesday, July 06, 1999 2:46 PM
Subject: Re: sustainable design

>What about the amount of energy it takes to manufacture the steel?
No really, this all does sound like "new age......." along with the publish
or perish syndrome. How will the "really smarter" folks screw with the
market system to force their views on society?? When there's little enough
resources for food, education, taxes,  now we'll screw up housing????  And
what about the American Dream of home ownership? Is education or gummint
going to dissuade us from wanting the best for us and our children?, that is
to be able to live where we think best?  Is this an Al Gore subplot???
Sounds like a Green Weenie who's time hasn't come.