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You have hit upon one of my personal pet peeves.  I have sent business
cards to the State Board, after checking the roster of Professional
The Texas Board sends nasty letters to the offenders.  I don't know what
happens after that.

I know this will appear petty to some, but I paid my dues in school and
the job for the privilege to be a Professional Engineer (yes, I still
it a privilege), and I will not have others steal that away by usurping a

Ralph Benson
Huitt-Zollars, Inc.

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Sent: Tuesday, July 06, 1999 10:03 PM
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Subject: Re: Engineers LOW PROFILE

> Lawyers and doctors are addressed as Attorney and Doctor respectively
> engineers is simply Mister, like an ordinary older person.  In our
> an engineer is addressed as Engineer, not Mister.  This indicate your
> socially or professionally.  In this country,  they don't even know
what is
> P.E. at the end of a registered engineer.  I have been asked so many
> people who have been here troughout their lives and people who are in
> construction industry

Why is it that there are no "lawyer" or "doctor" copycats?  For example
you can find:
 Sanitation Engineer  (Garbage Man/Woman)
 Building Engineer   (Custodial Staff)
 Computer Engineer (6 Month ITT graduate - Although at least they have
some training)

Need I continue?  This is part of the problem with our profession.  In
many states it is illegal to call yourself a doctor or a lawyer without
meeting specific requirements.  Similarly, many states have laws
relating to calling yourself an engineer.  Why are none of them
enforced.  I have come in contact with all the professions listed above
in last week, and not one of them had any qualm about calling themselves
an enginner.  So what did the sanitation engineer sign and take
responsibilty for?  As for respect, that comes from the person - not the
title.  There are many doctors that I have no respect for and many
tradesmen whom deeply respect.

P.S. After what lawyers have done to this proffesion (and many others) I
would hate to think anyone would consider lawyers higher on the
evolutionary chain....

Jake Watson, (proudly) E.I.T.
Salt Lake City, UT