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Re: Plane impact design

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I just saw a blurb on the accident on cable the other day, I thought it was
a B-17. They showed the outline of impact superimposed on the structural
members. Sort of a "See how lucky" type show. Don't have any further info
though, sorry!

At 11:59 PM 7/7/99 -0400, you wrote:
>Rodrigo Lema wrote:
>. > Does anyone know of a good source on the analysis of a structure to 
>. > airplane impact loads?
>There must be a paper somewhere on the Empire State Building.  In 1946, a 
>B-24 (?) flying in a fog plowed into the 84th (?) floor of the Empire State 
>Building.  Still remember seeing the picture of the tail of the plane 
>sticking out of the building.
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