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Re: Plane impact design

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At 11:59 PM 7/7/99 -0400, you wrote:
>There must be a paper somewhere on the Empire State Building.  In 1946, a 
>B-24 (?) flying in a fog plowed into the 84th (?) floor of the Empire State 
>Building.  Still remember seeing the picture of the tail of the plane 
>sticking out of the building.
>A. Roger Turk, P.E.(Structural)
>Tucson, Arizona
Pretty good, from memory. A pictorial reference from 1950 shows engine
wreckage in the building. It was a twin-engine B-25 which hit the 78th floor
on July 28, 1945. The three crew mewmbers and 10 in the building were
killed, and 25 injured. 

That particular building seems to be remarkably rugged. I remember seeing a
film of a giant monkey climbing up the outside and being shot off the very
top by fighter aircraft, without apparent damage to the building. It must
have been because LRFD wasn't used in the steel frame's design. Or maybe the
architect actually listened to the engineer, about having strong window
sills, etc.

Charles O. Greenlaw