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Re: 97 code

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my impression is that the architects don't give a damn. They are not willing 
to comprimise their aesthetic design to allow for more shear. Instead they 
expect us to work for the same small fee's to provide them the skyhooks that 
are needed to make their work stand. 
I have tried to impress upon my local designers how tough the new code has 
become and how they need to consider the impact on their designs. Their 
response has simply to ignore it and let me wrestle with it as long as it 
does not jepordize the  loss of one foot of window facing a mountain or golf 


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<< I have not heard any complaints from architects yet about the 2:1 aspect 
 ratio, but then again we were very busy the past two weeks trying to get 
 several jobs submitted for plan check prior to the July 1st cutoff date for 
 the 1997UBC.  I imagine that the newer designs are going to include more 
 moment frames and braced frames so the room stay the same size (I don't 
 imagine the architects can make the windows any smaller do to code 
 restrictions for natural light) >>