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Re: Plane impact design

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It was a B-25. It made a big hole from the photos I saw, but didn't seem to
do any major structural systems damage.   I would think that there could be
no standard for a collision.  Different airplanes have different mass,
different rates and modes of deformation,  are moving at different
velocities, and could not be expected to strike at the same angle of
approach (vertical or horizontal angle).  Remember that the force is
equivalent to the rate of change of momentum.  It seems that this would be
an unlikely load in any rational siting of a structure.

Pat Quinn
Henderson, Nevada

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Subject: Plane impact design

> Rodrigo Lema wrote:
> . > Does anyone know of a good source on the analysis of a structure to
> . > airplane impact loads?
> There must be a paper somewhere on the Empire State Building.  In 1946, a
> B-24 (?) flying in a fog plowed into the 84th (?) floor of the Empire
> Building.  Still remember seeing the picture of the tail of the plane
> sticking out of the building.
> A. Roger Turk, P.E.(Structural)
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