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Diaphragm Calculations

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Dennis Wish had comments on these items:

Regarding  "G" values for OSB:
Testing of shear walls has indicated that the G values are slightly higher in 
OSB than in plywood but not enough to warrant the use of different values. 
Use Plywood values.

Regarding the E value of 1,700,000 psi:
I hope that you are not specifying "stud" grade lumber for chords.

Regarding the diaphragm span "L" being in feet:
The seminar notes are  CORRECT in using FEET for the diaphragm span.  Refer 
to the equation definitions on page 3-41 of Vol 3 of 1997 UBC.  There is 
however an ERROR in the UBC in units for metric conversion. The diaphragm 
width "b" should be M not mm and the diaphragm length "L" should be in M not 

Regarding the 0.188 number in the third part of the equation:
The number is a constant and not related to units.

Dennis: you need to lighten up on your personal attacks.

Doug Thompson S.E.