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Board diciplinary actions

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Have you ever really looked at the punishments and penalties in the Board

In California, people fraudulently use and sign someone else's stamp, and
they get a $500.00 fine.  Somehow I don't find this a real deterrent to
unethical practice.

Paul Feather
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> Some have. Most are not. That is the way of things when you're talking
> reality.
> When you see the reports in your P.E. Board newsletter, of those who are
> being disciplined for various infractions of the licensing regulations,
> can rest assured you're seeing only the tip of the iceberg in comparison
> with those infractions that are going unreported.
> The licensing regulations require that you notify the board if you have
> credible reasons to believe that an infraction has occurred. If you don't
> report it, you're equally liable under the board rules. But I'm not
> about a specific infraction, I'm talking about generalities.
> IMO, when you allow "bidding" of engineering services, this is what you'll
> get.