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RE: Plane impact design

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Er...I think he probably means, for example, a taxiway or runway bridge

In that case, Rodrigo, please consider the following:

"Live Loads produced by aircraft landing gear should be increased by the
following percentages to account for vibration and impact effects on
portions of the structure...following.

Parking aprons and low-speed taxiways - 30 percent
High-speed taxiways and runways - 40 percent
Touch-down areas of runways - 100 percent

-- SOURCE: ACI 343R-95 "Analysis and Design of Concrete Bridge Structures"

Hope this helps.

Oh, and by the way, it was NOT a B-24, which was a heavy bomber of the time,
but a B-25 Mitchell light bomber.

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> Rodrigo Lema wrote:
> . > Does anyone know of a good source on the analysis of a
> structure to
> . > airplane impact loads?
> There must be a paper somewhere on the Empire State Building.
>  In 1946, a
> B-24 (?) flying in a fog plowed into the 84th (?) floor of
> the Empire State