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Re: Diaphragm Calculations

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Thanks for the Information Mike.

Mike, I would normally step back and apologize for being so strict in my 
expectation - but this is no longer a debate - it is something I am required 
by Law to have a full understanding of.  I feel that both of these gentlemen 
have known about our discussions on the list for over a year and have taken 
little effort to help clarify something that they taught us in their seminar 
examples. The agenda for this seminar clearly lists them as "Technical 
Information and Design Examples" - this means to me that the explanation of 
this information is comming directly from representatives of the Wood 
Subcommittee of the Seismology Committee as stated on the cover of the 
manual. This essentially makes them our teachers responsible for our 
understanding of the formulas we are required to follow. There is a 
responsiblity attached to that and someone needs to own up it. 
Somewhere, somehow, someone must stand up and take responsiblity for their 
participation in this new methodology for wood. With all due respect, Bill 
and Doug have made themselves the professional icons for wood design by the 
nature of their participation in both the committee and as technical advisers 
in the seminar. They are our conduits on this Listservice which we hoped 
would help answer our concerns and so far there has not been much response.

Dennis S. Wish PE

In a message dated 7/8/99 1:09:56 PM Pacific Daylight Time, Mlcse(--nospam--at) 

 Dennis, I know that you have frustrations with the changes related to wood 
 frame designs, as do others.  But your response to Doug seems a bit harsh.  
 Both Doug and Bill are not the authors of these code changes, these changes 
 were proposed by SEAOC seismology and adopted by ICBO for inclusion in the 
 1997 UBC.  Doug and Bill are the ones that were asked to develop examples 
 showing how to implement these code changes and what would now be involved 
 satisfy these requirements.   >>