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RE: 97 code

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	 Present editions of the '97 code have a provision that allows the
use of a
	 single 2x sole plate for shearwalls > 350 plf,   if  the required
anchor bolt
	 spacing is doubled.

	Can someone explain the rational for this.  Why does putting more
bolts in 
	the sill plate solve the problem which I thought was splitting of
the sill 
	plate (by adding more bolts, less force per bolt for bearing on the
	plate?) and concerns about close nail spacing for highly loaded
walls and 
	cross grain bending of the sill plate at the holdown due to the
anchor bolts.

	Michael Cochran

	BY:		the rationale is as you described. The concern for
sill plates was splitting due to high bolt force, so if you reduce that by
half and use 2x2 washer for walls with less than 600 lb/ft of shear, it is
deemed adequate. The splitting due the nails is not as big a concern for the
sill. Whereas, for framing members supporting abutting panel edges, since
they receive two rows of nailing, the 3x member is warranted.

	Ben Yousefi