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Re: 97 code

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So if the problem is splitting of the plate due to the anchor bolt
forces and not the nailing, (increased nailing gives increased bolting
requirements), then there shouldn't be a problem with using a double 2x
plate in lieu of a 3x??

just a question I'm pondering.

Joseph R. Grill, PE

Yousefi, Ben wrote:
>         <<
>          Present editions of the '97 code have a provision that allows the
> use of a
>          single 2x sole plate for shearwalls > 350 plf,   if  the required
> anchor bolt
>          spacing is doubled.
>           >>
>         Can someone explain the rational for this.  Why does putting more
> bolts in
>         the sill plate solve the problem which I thought was splitting of
> the sill
>         plate (by adding more bolts, less force per bolt for bearing on the
> sill
>         plate?) and concerns about close nail spacing for highly loaded
> walls and
>         cross grain bending of the sill plate at the holdown due to the
> anchor bolts.
>         Michael Cochran
>         BY:             the rationale is as you described. The concern for
> sill plates was splitting due to high bolt force, so if you reduce that by
> half and use 2x2 washer for walls with less than 600 lb/ft of shear, it is
> deemed adequate. The splitting due the nails is not as big a concern for the
> sill. Whereas, for framing members supporting abutting panel edges, since
> they receive two rows of nailing, the 3x member is warranted.
>         Ben Yousefi