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Good, Fast & Cheap (was RE: The Door Sign)

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> From: Sherman, William [mailto:ShermanWC(--nospam--at)]
> "Good, fast, cheap - pick only two"
> I claim that all of my work is intended to be "good" so that leaves only
> "fast or cheap" to choose from.

I dunno about you explanation.  I'll give it a try from another angle.

If something is _not_good_ (i.e."bad"), it costs money and/or time to fix.
Therefore, anything expensive is bad.  Anything slow is also bad.  Anything
cheap is "good".  And anything fast is "good".

Consequently, your right!  Pick only "good".  With it automatically comes
"cheap" and "fast".  You get all three characteristics for one pick!

Of course, some wag will say "too cheap" is actually "expensive" and "too
fast" is actually "slow".  But I digress.