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Re: 97 UBC

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Charles Greenlaw wrote:

>>Back then, we had Jimmy Doolittle, and he had the backing of the chiefs of
staff and the President, not a bunch of see-no-evil committees and
commissions who don't know who and what counts for practical results. He
ordered the lower turret eliminated and a 50-gal fuel tank added in its
place, and flew his mission mindful of the planes' limitations. Lower
turrets on B-25's were not installed after then.<<

Digressing even further:

Back then, Jimmy Doolittle and the chiefs of staff had a war to fight and to 
win!  I would question whether today, even with a person of Jimmy Doolittle's 
qualifications, would the chiefs of staff back the person.  I would venture 
to say, No, they would not!

When we are battling for our lives and our freedoms, field modifications are 
frequently made, without higher up approval, to get the job accomplished.  
Witness the hedgerow cutters that were mounted on tanks to cut thru the 
hedgerows that were encountered in the invasion of Europe.  In wartime, 
innovation is rewarded; in peacetime, innovation without approval is cause for 
censure.  In peacetime, everyone is worried about toeing the line so they 
will be promoted.  In wartime, everyone is concerned with getting the job 
done as quickly as possible.

I think that it is interesting that peacetime military leaders and commanders 
rarely succeed in wartime and are quickly replaced with people that can get 
the job done.

Come to think of it, maybe I have not digressed as much as I thought I was.

A. Roger Turk, P.E.(Structural)
Tucson, Arizona