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Masonry Spec.

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CMU:  ASTM C90-98, Type I [for moisture controlled units; if non-moisture 
controlled units are permitted, specify type II.  Grade N has been dropped 
from the spec long, long ago.]

Reinforcing:   ASTM A615-96a, Grade 40

Mortar:  ASTM C270-97a, Type S, Proportion Specification [This is the way 
they will mix it, so many bags of portland cement, so many parts of bags of 
lime, so many shovels of sand.  I prohibit the use of masonry cement or 
masonry mortar.  Since you are not having special inspection (using half 
stresses) property specification is not necessary.

Grout:   ASTM C476-98, Coarse [If your grout space it tight, and it shouldn't 
be, you would want to specify "Fine" instead of "Coarse."

Be sure to specify mechanical vibration of the grout cells.

If you are using joint reinforcing (Dur-o-Wall) you will need to specify 
that. (ASTM A951-96 type: ladder, truss; wire gauge, etc.)

Masonry code is for design, not for construction.  You want to specify 
construction requirements unless you are having the contractor do some 
structural design (not recommended). 

Hope this helps.

A. Roger Turk, P.E.(Structural)
Tucson, Arizona

Francisco Durate wrote:

>>Help, help, help...

I am working on my first masonry design project and I do not know 
exactly what to write down as my masonry specs. other that 
compression strength of 1500 psi  <---This is design requirement,
                                      not constuction.  See ASTM C90. 
Special Inspection no required 
Grade N Blocks 
Type  S Mortar
Grade 40 reinforcing steel ASTM A615
Grout solid all cells

I think I'm missing some info. in term of Masonry Code Requirement <<