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RE: Plwd: Rigid Diaphragm Analysis - Opinions Wanted

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Off topic but relevant (to me, anyway).

When using the Simplified Static Procedure, where in the code does it say
that you do not have to calculate Rho or Omega?

Under section 1630.2.3.4 Applicability (of the simplified static method), it
says that sections 1630.1.2, 1630.1.3, etc. shall not apply but it does not
say that section 1630.1.1 does not apply. Section 1630.1.1 is the section
where Rho and Omega are defined and specified in E=Rho*E sub h + E sub v and
E sub m = Omega sub 0 * E sub h.

Is there another section that voids 1630.1.1?

>From what I've read, the only things that the simplified static method saves
is looking at the fault maps to determine Na and the vertical redistribution


Bill Allen, S.E.
Laguna Niguel, CA


>It seems that the only simplified approach suggested in the
>code is for the
>calculation of Rho and Omega such as in a residence where it
>is not required
>unless you are dealing with mixed structural systems or
>transfering shear
>from a wall to a frame or columns below.