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Re: bidding [was: (Over-Runs)]

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Bill Allen wrote:
> You're right. We are not carpenters. I'm not sure what your point is (you
> think we are better than carpenters?), but if you think we do not bid
> against each other, reality is a long distance call for you.
> Regards,
> Bill Allen, S.E.
> Laguna Niguel, CA
> >The point is that engineers are not carpenters.

If I were a Carpenter . . . and you were a Lady . . .

Maybe it would help if we were!

Years ago I overheard the following query:

Q: Why do wood frame houses perform so very well in earthquakes?

A: They're almost always built by carpenters who never talk to engineers!

	"Derived originally from the timber frame structures of European buildings, 
the light wood frame developed mostly in the early nineteenth century as stands of 
timber were depleted and saw mills became capable of producing smaller dimension 
lumber.  Much of the form and detail of present structures was set by shared 
experience of carpenters before the twentieth century.  Major changes in modern 
times include the use of panelized sheathing (versus boards) and formed sheet 
metal fasteners."

Ambrose, J and D. Vergun (1999) Design for Earthquakes: 10 Wood-Framed Residence 223