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RE: Neopene Bearing Pads

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Not sure if you mean along the beams (casting the deck), or at the end
bearing itself. So consider that in my following comments.

They can be manufactured pretty long, but "continuous" simply means there is
no point not covered by the bearing pad. Typically, for decks of this kind
the contractor lays down "strips" cut to length to make up this "seal".
FWIW, sometimes also "shims" have to be included to make up the haunch

I'm fairly certain that FDOT will have some typical details available
showing this (I know that TxDOT does).

Check out their website at

Good luck!

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> Sent: Wednesday, July 14, 1999 7:23 PM
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> Subject: Neopene Bearing Pads
> We are redesigning a flat slab bridge deck for a Contractor to use
> cast-in-place in lieu of the precast panels originally detailed.  The
> original design was done by others.
> Both the Owner and the Contractor want all of the other
> details to stay the
> same as the original design, which for the most part is not a problem.
> However, the original design calls out "1" x 6" Continuous
> Neoprene Bearing
> Pad" at the interior bents.  My question is not the need for
> the bearing
> pads, but rather just how long a bearing pad can be
> manufactured?  What is a
> reaonable length of pad to specify?  The pads are plain pads - no
> reinforcing.