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Wood: 'en' and Plywood question.

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1) I know this is an elementary, but I want to make sure I have it right. If 
you sheath both sides of the wall using the same nail pattern (who wouldn't?) 
do you reduce the nail capacity in half?

For example if you have 8d at 6" on the edge on one side, the capacity per 
nail is v*(6/12) per nail. However, if both sides are sheathed with 8d at 6" 
o.c. is the capacity per nail v*(6/24) ?

2) What thicknesses of plywood and OSB are commonly used for shearwalls. I 
always specify 15/32" 5-ply (struct I) panels but understand that some use 
3/8 or 1/2". With all of the choices for plywood's to determine wall 
deflections, which panels should I be considering for common use in all of 
the area's of the US (since the program calculates wind loads as well).

I forgot to take this into consideration on my spreadsheet program and need 
to add it. Any advice would be appreciated.