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Re: Torque vs. Rigid

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In reading a couple of these rigid vs flexible threads ... this old school
I'm working on that brought up my torque equation question has one long
(150 ft) concrete wall on one side and 150 ft of windows on the other of a
classroom wing.  The straight sheathing roof diaphragm cantilevers out over
the concrete wall to a covered walkway (it rains alot up here in Portland).
 Each classroom has a wood framed plaster crosswall that will be used for
shear once a connection is made at the roof.

Flexible diapragm analysis used but really have a three sided building.  I
added the rotation (rigid?) into the crosswalls.  Not much choice with
existing buildings and nothing is pretty with this school.  The roof will
be getting plywood over the top but most importantly, this roof will also
be getting RIGID insulation.:)