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RE: Wood: 'en' and Plywood question.

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Nail strength depends upon nail size, depth of penetration, and type of
wood.  Why would its strength be affected by nailing on the other side of a

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> 1- Nail capacity of v*6/12 for one side ply, v*6/24 for two 
> side ply seems 
> reasonable to me.  It is of interest to note that the 
> capacity per nail for 
> one side ply nailed @ 3"oc (v*3/12=v*6/24) is less than two 
> sides ply nailed 
> @ 6"oc (v*6/24).
> 2-The thickness of wall ply I try to use (for economy) is 
> 3/8" CDX with 
> values for 15/32" CDX ply as per footnote 4, table 23-II-I-1.