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Re: Wood: 'en' and Plywood question.

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My point was that in a multitude of racking tests, I never observed a nail
to fail in shear.  The nails pull out, while flexing back and forth.  The
holes in the sheathing wallow.  Nail heads pull through the sheathing.  But
I have never seen a nail fail in shear under the racking condition.  Maybe
if the sheathing were a steel plate?

Pat Quinn
Henderson, NV

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> << Re point 2):  I always specify 15/32" or 1/2" 5-ply (struct I).
>  I believe that the G values are the same for 15/32" and for
>  1/2", and also I believe there is not a difference in the code
>  tables between 5-ply and 3-ply sheets.  Many engineers do
>  not specify Struc I, and VERY few specify 3/8".  A previous
>  post on this topic indicated that for OSB one should use
>  plywood values.  So, in summary, I think you would only
>  have 2 values that are typically applicable:  1/2" Struc I
>  and 1/2" CDX.  I'm sure there will be dissenting opinions.
>  Mark Swingle, SE
>  Oakland, CA >>
> Thanks again, Mark. I notice there is no longer a value indicated for 1/2"
> panels in either 23-II-H or 23-II-I. The G values vary by group species as
> well as between Structural I and Structural II grades which is referenced
> table 23-2-J that I assume is in Volumn III of the UBC (Standards).
> The other differences have an effect on diaprhagm panel deflection values
> effective thickness and this varies by thickness, grade and panel face
> (sanded or unsanded) which is found in table 23-2-H.
> My main reason for asking the second question was so that I could limit my
> spreadsheet program to the most widely used panels rather than try to
> every panel made. "Simplfy, Simplify, Simplfy" (Wasn't this said by H. D.
> Thoreau?)
> Thanks,
> Dennis