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Re: Wood: 'en' and Plywood question.

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Structural II plywood panels no longer exist as the grade was removed from the
plywood standard PS 1-95 and 1997 UBC.  To my knowledge, no Structural II
plywood panels were ever made.

The typical thicknesses for wall sheathing are 3/8", 7/16" and 15/32."  Except
for 7/16" which is generally OSB, the other thicknesses can be made in plywood
or OSB.  The grades are Structural I, or Sheathing (OSB, or C-D plywood per PS
1-95 or PS 2-92).

City of LA limits shear values for 3-ply plywood sheathing to 200 lb/ft
(although cyclic load tests on shear walls with this sheathing show that UBC
values are more appropriate).  This forces designer to consider 4-ply or 5-ply
plywood sheathing or OSB, which generally mean panels with thickness of 7/16"
(OSB) or 15/32" (plywood).  The thicker sheathing panels also permit higher
allowable shear capacity if nail size is also increased.

John Rose/APA

Seaintonln(--nospam--at) wrote:

> In a message dated 7/15/99 10:41:57 AM Pacific Daylight Time, ECVAl3(--nospam--at)
> writes:
> << 2-The thickness of wall ply I try to use (for economy) is 3/8" CDX with
>  values for 15/32" CDX ply as per footnote 4, table 23-II-I-1.
>  ECVAL3 >>
> I assume that CDX is a Structural II rated panel. I was under the impression
> (and maybe John Rose can respond to this) that it was difficult to obtain
> Structural II rated panels.  I know we discussed this in the past, but can
> someone explain it to me again.
> Thanks
> Dennis