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Re: Wood: 'en' and Plywood question.

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Well John, it's about time you jumped in to this discussion. I thought maybe 
APA was starting to barracade the premises worrying about the frustrated 
structural engineers out there that are ready to attack:>)

You brought up a good point. In the shearwall deflection calculation, if the 
en reduces (shear per nail) because of sheathing on the other side, the t 
value (effective thickness in the plywood) needs to also double - thus making 
the wall stiffer as you noted. I had nearly forgotten that one.

Good to hear from you. BTW, if we all got to work late into the night for 
this one, we expect you to as well:>) (that is unless your too old for late 
night grind:>)


In a message dated 7/15/99 11:08:58 PM Pacific Daylight Time, 
jrose36(--nospam--at) writes:

<< Dennis, I agree with your interpretation below.  What isn't stated is that 
 sheathing on both sides of the wall, nailed with the same schedule, the shear
 capacity doubles.  The extra capacity is not utilized since the shear demand
 (load) is the same in your example.  Thus, the wall will be stiffer when
 sheathed both sides instead of one side, for a given shear demand.  This also
 was pointed out in one of the other responses.
 You guys are going to force me to bring my APA lit. and UBC home, so I can
 answer these interesting questions!
 John Rose/APA >>