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Re: Moment Connections

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     Why not use a 1 1/2 inch piece of beam that is the same section. i.e.
flanges already on the web and weld that to the end to make the intended

Hope this helps,
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Date: Friday, July 16, 1999 2:55 PM
Subject: Re: Moment Connections

>I missed the original posting of this, but it appears you need to bridge a
>1.5" gap for a moment connection of a flange.  Could you weld a 1.5" plate
>the flange of the column at each of the beam flanges.  You could weld it
>around and then connect the beam flange to it.  There would be one at each
>beam flange and the plate would be wider than the thickness of the beam
>I am not sure how many beams you would have to retrofit, but one thing I
>would consider in order to satisfy whoever the "powers that be" are, would
>to cut the flange back a foot or so and then weld a new piece on.
>I realize this is just an extension of the adding on an 1.5" plate option,
>but maybe the person that is criticizing your current options will buy off
>this.  I think the main thing they dislike is the shortness of the
>I would not use the weld metal buildup option, but would try this cut-back
>method and see if it would fly.   Again, I do not know whether you are
>talking about 1 beam or a hundred beams.
>Just some thoughts, not sure if I got the true gist of this thread.
>Ron Martin