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Freq Asked Question (FAQ)

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Dear SEAINT List member:

Recently we have seen quite a few email requesting a file from one of our subscriber. Such email should be sent to the author directly to minimize the number of email sent to this List.

If there is a file you like to share with other users on this List, simply email it to me at:
and request that it be posted to the List library. Then all subscribers will have access to the file and can retrieve it without penalizing the bandwidth.

FYI: Posting a file to the SEAINT List library does not mean that SEAINT endorses the document. It is simply a feature of this List that allows us to preserve bandwidth.

I also recommend that you read the FAQ at this address:

Question #4 of the FAQ tells you how to retrieve a file from the List.

I thank you all for your cooperation.

Shafat Qazi, P.E.
SEAINT Internet Administrator
Director SEAOSC