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One thing that should be kept in mind that separates engineers from doctors
and lawyers is that they have completed a professional school beyond
college.  Granted, many on this list have completed their MS, but you have
to admit... its not four years of medical school plus a residency.  Any 4
year BS engineering college grad can get his pe in a few years after
graduation (hope I didn't just irritate someone).  So, in this respect, I
think Engr So A. So is a little much.  And those of you who've completed a
PhD program... well you're already called doctor anyway.

However, I disagree with the comment that the P.E. should be kept within our
special circles.  You're right, the fact that one is a professional engineer
does not make him a better person, but the little letters do signify that
he's completed a rigorous course of training above and beyond what most
other people have done. It shows that they have devoted their time and
energy towards the profession, and that they continue to direct their time
and energy to the benefit and safety of the public.  You've earned it, so
use it and make the profession known.

On a closing note, I have a technical writing book here with short little
bios speckled throughout.  They interview a civil engineer and in the
heading they give the title "Engineer" before his name.


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Isn't this a "chicken vs. egg"- type of scenario? Nobody uses the title
"P.E.",  hence no one sees it and asks what it is. The usual question is,
"Does that mean Physical Education?" I think it should be used to increase
public awareness.
Doctors use MD and rarely is it questioned.Accountants use CPA and that is
not questioned, Nurses use their RN and nobody questions it. I think we
should all use it to help gain appreciation for the engineering field.

People have responded that using a title won't get you more pay, but I
disagree. In the long run it will help by improving the image of engineers


At 02:30 PM 7/17/99 EDT, you wrote:
>Using such a pretentious title won't change anything.  A large portion of
>population doesn't even know what engineers do.
>I'm proud of my professional engineering license, but I don't think that
>makes me a better person than anyone else.  I only add the P. E. in
>situations where that is relevant.
>James E. Parker, P. E.