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Re: Question about Modified Westergaard's formulae

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Junhyun Park:
You might also consider ACI recommended design methods shown in ACI 360.R-92 "Design of Slabs on Grade" and ACI 325.5R-90 "Design of Continuously Reinforced Concrete for Airports." ACI 360.R-92 presents 5 possible methods: Portland Cement Association method; Wire Reinforcement Institute method; United States Army Corps of Engineers method; Post-Tensioning Institute method; and shrinkage-compensating concrete menthod. In addition, comment is made that the Corps' method is based on Westergaard's formula for edge stresses in the concrete slab.
Personally, I would be more confident telling an official that I designed something in accordance with ACI rather than saying it was the contractor's recommendation.
Richard Lindenberg, E.I.T.
Davis, Bowen & Friedel, Inc.
P.S. - I just reviewed the latest ACI Manual of Concrete Practice (MCP) and I notice that "Design of Continuously Reinforced Concrete for Airports" (ACI 325.5R-90) is no longer listed in the MCP.