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Re: Prescriptive BWPs

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BWP is 'Braced Wall Panel' and is allowed as a prescriptive inclusion for light
frame construction (Residential).  There are also code provisions for gyp board
BWP's.  I have not used or prescribed BWP's in my projects.   I'm not sure if
I'm behind the trend, and am asking if there is a trend.

nmoore(--nospam--at) on 07/20/99 09:30:45 AM

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Hate to show my ignorance, but what is a "BWP"?

Without reviewing any code,  mixing gyp panels with plywood shear walls
isn't allowed.
Basically ignor the gyp walls.

Neil Moore, S.E.

At 07:27 AM 7/20/99 -0700, you wrote:
>Zone 3, Wind Exposure B:  A current project for a tract builder has
provided an
>opportunity to assess the specification of BWPs in leiu of engineered walls
>working with thrifty rectangular layouts, a textbook stack of building levels
>(two story max) and a tidy prefab truss system.  The developer was excited to
>incorporate the new BWPs as the perception was that the '97 prescriptive