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Re: Engineers LOW PROFILE

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The attitude you express is the reason engineering is so un-understood and
that engineers are so relatively poorly compensated. You are your own worst
enemy with that attitude. It's that attitude, that we should ignore our
title, and hide it, that destroys the reputation and respect of the
profession. An example is a city engineer who isn't "allowed" to have
"P.E." after his or her name, but the contract attorney does not need to
preface his title with COntract AND can use the title 'Attorney' , 'JD'
etc. Also the attitude at many places of employment that degreed engineers
need to be "taken down a peg" and "shown their place" sure isn't helpful.
Engineers should add P.E. to things like checks, return address labels etc.
to increase awareness.

PE is a title you should be proud of, not something you should try to hide.
 Are you ashamed to be an engineer or something? Or do you want to "keep
engineers in their place". Is that the case? 

>my mother and 2 of my sisters are RN's.  They don't add those letters to 
>their name all the time either.   Why do doctors and dentists need to have
>or DDS following their names on their personal checks? (as an example)  It's 
>James Parker

Steve Strapac
3143 Reva Dr. 
Concord CA 94519