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RE: Foundation A.B. Capacity

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First, check to verify that there is enough concrete dead weight in the 8"
wall to resist a 15k uplift at a 1.5 factor of safety.  That's a lot of 8"


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> From: Jake Watson [mailto:jwatson(--nospam--at)]
> Sent: Tuesday, July 20, 1999 5:25 PM
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> Subject: Foundation A.B. Capacity
> I am trying to find the capacity of an anchor bolt in a residential
> foundation wall.  The case has a large uplift do to a 
> "Simpson" holdown
> (about 15k service loading). It is a traditional 8" 
> foundation wall with
> a simpson HD15 anchor that requires a 1.25" dia anchor bolt.  Simpson
> doesn't make a corresponding SSTB.  I tried to design an anchor bolt
> using the provisions of ch19, div III but am very confused.  According
> to the provisions, I first calculate the projected area area 
> at the top
> of the wall (Ap) then reduce according to edge distance.  The 
> reduction
> amounts to edge distance divided by embedment length.  I have 
> two close
> edges (4") so I squared the reduction.  After doing all this, 
> the UBC is
> trying to tell me that a 30" long A.B. is weaker than a 12" long A.B. 
> If someone could clarify these provisions, I would be very grateful.
> P.S. Here's the fun part, if I design it at as a rebar, then 
> I have more
> than 10x the capacity of an A.B.
> Suggestions?
> Thanks in advance, 
>         Jake Watson, E.I.T
>         Salt Lake City, UT