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Re: Re: Foundation A.B. Capacity

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In a message dated 7/20/99 7:04:07 PM, you wrote:

<<12" Embedment (le = 12")
	Projected area = 106.4 in^2 (Ap), this has taken into account that the
wall is only 8" thick (I truncated the shear cone).

Where did this come from?  It seems like you are doing too many reductions.

One other observation:

Doesn't the code require a minimum of 3 diameters edge distance at all times? 
 If so, the typical 4x wall framed flush with the outer concrete cannot use 
anything larger than a 1/2" anchor.  The center of the 4x is at 1.75 in from 
the edge, and .625x(3)= 1.875 (no good!).  I see this provision violated 
every day.

Howard Silverman
Covert Operations, Inc.