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Re: Foundation A.B. Capacity

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Thanks for everyones help.  I guess the bottom line is ignore CH 19
division III if I can't develop a full shear cone or am using long
A.B.'s. That was ultimalty what was recomended to me in my office as
well.  As suggested the best approach appears to be using the rebar
development equations in ACI 318, they are much more explicit and allow
for a much greater array of conditions.

Again, Thanks for the help.

Jake Watson, E.I.T.
Salt Lake City

P.S. in repsonce to:

> Sure, here's some suggestions. First, I can tell that you have been in
> school a lot more recently than I have, and that you are both observant and
> uninhibited in reporting on what you see. Splendid. We need much more of this.

I must admit to being a little green, and I have never been accused of
being shy. So I will be happy to raise these issues here.  Where else
can I pick the brain of 15,000 engineers?