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Re: Retaining wall compensation

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We do the same--a small wall with 2 or 3 heights from say 4' to 8', even
with live loads and surcharges, runs about $400 for our clients.  Something
more simple with just one height would be a minimum of $300 and we're still
"making" money since, like Dennis, we use Retainpro and it turns the design
and drawing process into a much shorter one than when calculated by hand.
When the wall gets complicated or I have to redraw the retaining wall
schedule in Autocad, the price goes up a bit, but just at an hourly rate.
It seems that a long wall/fence with the same cross section all the way
would be a minimal cost, its just one design and one drawing.

At 12:01 AM 7/21/99 EDT, you wrote:
>I tend not to get greedy considering that I am desiging only a one foot
>out the total quarter mile. My fees for property walls is generally around 
>$400.00 since the only thing required by the contractor is a copy of the 
>retainpro drawing with some embellishments for drainage if needed.
>I did one project where I used the retaining wall program (Retainpro) to 
>model four or five different sections so as to find out why an existing
>when built to the plans would have failed. I charged over $3,000.00 for this 
>one since I spent many more hours and had to write up a formal report. BTW, 
>the reason for the failure appears to be the location of the stem steel. My 
>report indicated that I suspected the contractor moved the steel to the
>of the wall rather than at the backside. When they demo'd the damaged wall 
>they found the steel at the front of the stem. 
>RetainPro turned out to be a great forensic's tool. 
>If I am required to provide full working drawings with specification and
>than the typical ebellished cross sections then I would charge at my regular 
>houly rate.

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