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Re: Wood Adhesives

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There are wood adhesives out there that seem to be excellent, but virtually 
no structural data available that that will allow you to quantify the 
strength of a particular assembly.  

You will have to test specimens of the assemblies that you have in mind.  
When you develop an assembly with the structural characteristics you need, 
you'll need to write a detailed sequence and procedure for the workers, train 
them (because it will be something they haven't done before), and establish 
quality controls to assure confidence that the work is properly performed.  
No visual verification is possible after the job is completed.  Without a 
commitment on the part of the workers to do a good job, work in those 
hard-to-reach places when no one is watching may not get properly done, and 
you'll never know for sure.

If you really want to go this route, let me know, and I'll make you a list of 
candidate adhesives and their suppliers or manufacturers.

Nels Roselund
Structural Engineer