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RE: HSS Section designation

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Look at an article I wrote in AISC's Modern Steel Construction magazine 
called "Are You Properly Specifying Materials." The first part was in the 
January 1999 issue and it addresses your exact question among other related 
issues for all structural members. There is also coverage of plate products 
and connecting products in the February and March issues (Parts 2 and 3).

You can see all these online at


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Subject:	HSS Section designation

On recent projects I have switched to specifying pipe and tube sections by 
the HSS designations in the AISC "Hollow Structural Sections - Connections 

The response I am getting from the fabricator and their suppliers is mixed, 
but typically they are not familiar with the new designations and/or the 
specified sections are not readily available.

What are the facts regarding the new HSS sections and designations?  Should 
we be using the HSS designations or not?  Is the material in the manual 
available or a premium item?  What is AISC's position?  Is anyone else 
using the HSS designation, and with what result?

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