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Re: Wood Adhesives

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10 or so years ago, when I was chair of the SEAOC Code Committee I was
approached by 3M who had developed a (marine?) adhesive and was seeking an
ICBO Evaluation Report for plywood glued to studs shear walls.  I don't have
copies of the data they gave me but their (monatomic) test results were very
impressive.  You might try contacting them..   Make sure the block is kiln
dried and attached to the rafters as well

"Robert Fennema, P.E." wrote:

> I am designing a detail to correct a construction defect. The
> contractor failed to install blocking and boundary nailing at the top of
> the shear walls perpendicular to the roof rafters. This is only one of
> the many shear transfer connections omitted from this 12,000 SF home.
> Of course the roof covering is on. It is a two piece clay tile system
> set in mortar.  We would like to repair the defect without removing the
> roof covering to install the missing boundary nailing.
> Am considering gluing a 2 x 4 block flat onto the underside of the OSB
> roof sheathing and connecting it to a new block on the shear wall using
> an A35. I need help selecting the adhesive that would substitute for
> the lack of boundary nailing.  Does anyone know the shear transfer
> values of various adhesives that might be available?  I guess this would
> be expressed in # per sq in.
> Is this an acceptable idea?