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RE: Eng--Low Profile

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So why do you use "P.E."?

An interesting argument, but again, in the long run, it is better that 
people know what "PE' means than to assume it stands for "Physical 

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>"...but the contract attorney does not need to preface his title with
>Contract AND can use the title 'Attorney' , 'JD', etc....."

This whole 'title as honorific' thing is backwards. A title conveys no
respect to the holder, rather the title gains respect by the character of
the holder. The people I know who are preoccupied with their occupational
or educational status seem to use titles for a prop. I had the good
fortune to work around Harold Edgerton on a small project for a few days.
He was a hard worker and I'm told (I couldn't tell) not the easiest guy
to work with, but he went by Doc to everyone. He was as interesting and
accessible to people (like my wife) who didn't know a strobe light from
side-scanning sonar as he was to us engineers who were trying to learn
from him. Richard Feynman seems to have been another. The public image of
an engineer is strictly a matter of character, not status conveyed by
letters after a signature.

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