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Re: 1997 UBC Masonry Wall Design

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Bill -

Three comments.

1.  Is it OK to average the loads for the wall design, or do you have to use 
a triangular loading for the wall?  This could effect your top connection 
design by quite a bit.

2.  In many areas of Southern California, the Na factor will be 1.3, causing 
your seismic factor to jump to .442Wp, which is significantly more than the 
0.3 required by the old code.

3.  What are your getting for a coefficient for your parapet design as 
opposed to the old Code?

Bruce Resnick, SE
Parker Resnick Str. Eng.

In a message dated 7/22/99 10:06:06 AM Pacific Daylight Time, 
Bill(--nospam--at) writes:

<< Using Eqn 32-2:
 at the base of the wall, hx=0 and (1+3hx/hr)=1
 Fp=1.0*0.44*1*1/1.4=0.136*Wp (working stress design)
 and at the roof level hx=hr and (1+3hx/hr)=4
 giving an average Fp=(0.136+0.544)/2=0.340*Wp
 I guess this is pretty close to the 1994 value of 0.40*.75=0.30Wp.