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Re: Golf Course Bridge Design & AASHTO

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Ed Fasula <tibbits2(--nospam--at)> wrote:

>We're just starting on a job to use 100' salvaged bowstring trusses to make
>a golf course bridge.  It's going to carry carts, people, and golf course
>equipment (tractors).
>I'm wondering if the lane live load pattern we need would be in AASHTO's
>Standard Specifications for Highway Bridges, another publication, or if
>we're going to have to make it up ourselves.

A worthwhile reference for such a project is the AASHTO "Guide
Specifications for Design of Pedestrian Bridges", published August 1997. In
the absence of a vehicle configuration specified by the Operating Agency,
it recommends an H-5 or H-10 truck, depending on clear deck width (H-5 for
width less than 10 ft, H-10 for greater widths).

I would suggest that you evaluate the golf course equipment loadings as
well; they may control. These are usually available from the equipment

Deflection and vibration control under these loadings can be more of an
issue than strength or stresses. The AASHTO Guide Specifications include
requirements and commentary on both.

You can order the AASHTO Guide Specifications by browsing the "Bridges and
Structures" category at
It is priced there at $15.50 


Mark Ketchum
San Francisco