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Re: Effects of the New Code on Wood structures -LA City codes

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Just to add a little more information for discussion:

City of Los Angeles 1985 Building code, ( amended 1982 UBC) section 91.2513, 
wood diaphragms, section 2513.(a) second paragraph states
"Wood diaphragms and shear walls shall be considered flexible in the 
distribution of loads."  This was a new paragraph added to the 1985 LA City 
code. In addition in a February 18, 1993 Interdepartmental correspondence 
from Art Wong, Plan check supervisor,  as part of a training handout, in 
response to a question from a plan checker regarding diaphragm deflections, 
reference is made to section 2513 (included in handout is photocopied page 
from LA City code citing the above mentioned paragraph, page 198)

 In the 1990 LA City code (based on 1988 UBC) there is no reference to how a 
diaphragm shall be analyzed.  I'm interpreting that as no mention is made of 
the design method, the old paragraph was still valid.   (LA City codes are 
usually much more restrictive than the UBC, and if Los Angeles believed that 
diaphragm is flexible than that gives all of us a leg to stand on in case of 
litigation and gives those of us who do wood design validity for assuming 
plywood to be a flexible element.)

Andrew Vidikan