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RE: Golf Course Bridge Design & AASHTO

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   >HOWEVER, if these bowstring trusses (steel or wood?) were
   >salvaged from a *building,* the compression chord probably was
   >"continuously" braced...Bracing would probably have to be installed
   >similar to the way compression chords of "pony" trusses are braced.

Sorry to omit that the trusses are steel.  The Forensic Engineer said that
since they are pre-1950, Fy of 30 ksi would be must likely.  I assume he was
thinking of A7 which has an Fy of 33 ksi (I don't mind being on the safe
side though).

I am surprised that A7 is not listed in the oldest manual (~1970) we have.
I would like to know what the value of Fu was if someone has it.
Furthermore, are there special considerations for using A7 such as

I don't know what "pony" trusses are, but what we are thinking of doing is
running outriggers from the deck stringers at with a diagonal panel points
(10'-0" o.c.).  If this does not pan out in analysis, I was thinking of
building up the members.  I would be interested to know what type of "pony"
truss bracing you are referring to.

   >Hope this helps.
   >A. Roger Turk, P.E.(Structural)
   >Tucson, Arizona

It does, and I'd like to thank everyone who has responded and pointed out
several issues of substance.

Ed Fasula