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Re: Effects of the New Code on Wood structures - good or bad?????

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Thank you Andrew for your comments - I agree with ALMOST entirely, but want 
to clarify a comment you made that I think, at least in the Los Angeles area, 
may be inacurate:
Most single family residences in Los Angeles were not constructed to the 
typical type V sheet as most believe. Yes, the type V sheet (which seems to 
be associated to Los Angeles) was used for small remodels, but in most cases, 
the City rarely issued permits for homes built by prescriptive methods in the 
last twenty years of so. As I understand it, the building official has more 
power to interprete the code in Los Angeles than in most rural area's such as 
mine. Therefore, it is not typical to find new homes constructed without 
engineers or architects in Los Angeles. 
The problems with construction, as you point out, were related to 
construction defect. The problem seemed rectified after Northridge when the 
City demanded structural Observation of the load path elements recognizing 
that it was not typically required in the past and the quality of 
construction suffered as there was little enforcment of the details on the 
construction drawings.

I may be splitting hairs, but I learned how terribly the prescriptive methods 
are abused in rual area's where the building official is at the mercy of the 
pressure placed on him or her by the city council under pressure of the 
developer in town.

The outcome is still the same - wood framed homes performed well. If we 
devoted as much time lobbying for stricter educational requirments on 
contractors rather than the path we have taken we might resolve the quality 
issue and still have affordable housing.


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<< Again this is just a general posting not addressed to anyone specific, and 
 want to thank all those who are working on, and devoted their time to making 
 this code more bearable.
 Andrew >>