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Educating Contractors

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To all on the subject of educating contractors:

Believe it or not we (NAHB RC the lead organization in partnership with
WTCA) are currently working on a large PATH funded project that we are
calling the "certified framer" program. Our goal is to have a certification
process in place by the end of 2000. We think that this program has the
potential to be a benefit to all involved in the construction process and
are quite excited that PATH has had enough foresight enough to use
government funds on a project that is going to be truly worthwhile.

Please write if you have any questions on this. I look at this list about
once a week so I would appreciate if any responses to this would include my
direct email address qualtim(--nospam--at)

Thanks for allowing me to share this. We're quite excited about this.


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<< The outcome is still the same - wood framed homes performed well. If we
 devoted as much time lobbying for stricter educational requirements on
 contractors rather than the path we have taken we might resolve the quality
 issue and still have affordable housing.


This is one of the best comment that I heard from you!  I am both working in
design engineering and construction industry so I know what is happening.
the contractor has no design engineering background then at least his
superintendent, or project engineer, or project manager shall have design
engineering experience.  Also, plan checkers shall all be registered
and all inspectors shall have design engineering experience in the
he is inspecting.

Engr. Alfonso S. Quilala Jr., P.E.