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EERI Seismic Construction Training Program (response to John Rose)

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This is a great start but where is the support from Building Industria 
Association and the other construction industry associations????? How about 
support from NAHB and NAHB-RC.  
My impression is that tract developments, in general, are built under 
stricter enforcment of the construction drawings and with better quality 
assurance than single home developments by small contractors doing less than 
10 homes a year. In my location, the small developers accounted for more than 
1,500 homes constructed in my neighborhood over the last ten years which were 
designed by prescriptive methods and yet not strictly in compliance with even 
these minimum provisions. How do we insure that these builders are encouraged 
to improve their knowledge by viewing this information if there is no 
requirement for compliance before they are allowed to apply their skills.
I think this type of a program should be required in the licensing stage. 
Personally, I don't have as high a regard as most for the independent 
developer since my experience with them has been to avoid extra hardware at 
all costs and to market their product as comparable or of better quality than 
the competition which is engineered. The motivation is an increased profit 


In a message dated 7/24/99 11:37:59 PM Pacific Daylight Time, 
jrose36(--nospam--at) writes:

<< EERI is working on a seismic construction training program for building
 inspectors and contractors.  The first phase is a training video on wood
 construction, and the important features of construction that provide seismic
 resistance.  It is being prepared by an experienced contractor who has been
 involved in training others, with support by ICBO. Guidance on the project 
 from a task group including SEAOC engineers, ICBO, building contractors, APA 
 other organizations.  For further info, contact Marjorie Greene at EERI in
 Oakland, CA. It's the first step in a comprehensive program.
 John Rose/APA